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We have classes starting continuously.  You are not assigned to a specific class, you just need to take each one of them in order, so we can accommodate even the most challenging of schedules.
Please note that with even though the weather is cooler, we are busier than ever, with several hundred students enrolled in our courses at any given time. It can take as long as 30 days to get scheduled into your classes.  Even though we hold classes continuosly, it can sometimes take several weeks to complete your course, depending on your availability and schedule. If you are up against any kind of time restraint, please DO NOT DELAY in getting yourself scheduled for classes. NOTE:  IF you do not see a class that fits your schedule, LET US KNOW! We schedule classes based upon demand.  We can add more classes and then add others to your date!
The first step in getting enrolled is to complete the New Student Registration Form  below. After you submit the form please take a look at the Calendar page (Click HERE to take you to that page) and find classes that fit your schedule.  You are not assigned to a specific class, you just need to register for and take Class 1,2,3&4 in order.  Once you successfully complete those classes, you can begin your Pool/Confined Water Training, followed by your Open Water Training Dives. Once you find the days that work for you, you may REGISTER FOR THE CLASSES DIRECTLY FOM THE CALENDAR using our “Self-Book” feature.  If you have any problems finding a class that works for you please email us at ScubafyScheduling@gmail.com.  Our Scheduling is done off premise so it is the fastest way to get a response.
SCUBAfy is an Instructor College, specializing in bringing this wonderful sport to new divers.  Unlike many courses out there today, SCUBAfy does not believe in on-line or DVD training, or what we refer to as “Cyberdiving”!  We feel our responsibility is to provide the MOST WE CAN DO”, when it comes to training, not the LEAST WE CAN DO” We promise that you will learn much more than most courses provide you, and that we will endeavour to make you the safest and most educated diver that we can make you.  We are mostly concerned with your level of comfort in the water.  Let’s face it, if you are not comfortable doing this, Why would you EVER want to do it?” Our courses are progressive, which simply means that you need to successfully complete one portion of the course BEFORE moving on to the next.  WE DO NOT “THROW” PEOPLE THROUGH OUR COURSES.  Our Open Water Certification Course includes 4 Classroom Sessions held here in our Training Center in Boulder City.  The first is Introduction & Basic Skin-diving Equipment, followed by Physics and Physiology, then SCUBA Equipment,  and finally Dive Planning/Environment/Intro to Pool.  Once you successfully complete these Classroom Sessions, You may continue on to the Pool Training.  Once you become comfortable there, you may move on to a minimum of Six Open Water Dives.  We conduct our dives right here in either Lake Mead or Lake Mojave in a very controlled atmosphere. Once you successfully completed your dives and take your final written exam, you will receive you Open Water Scuba Certification Card through IDEA, the International Diving Educators Association. Of the almost 20 training agencies, IDEA is one of the oldest in existence and has been training safe divers for over 60 years.  All of our courses are taught or under the supervision of an Instructor Trainer Evaluator, the highest level in the agency.  Your Certification is recognized worldwide and is good for life.  We also offer many other courses, training all the way up to Instructor. One other main difference in getting “SCUBAfy’d”, is that once you are certified through us, you are welcome to come dive with us any time we go.  We also have a great news social club with monthly dive trips and get-together’s.
SCUBAfy Dive Center  - 1402-C Nevada Hwy - Boulder City, NV 89005 Phone - 702-293-2021 - Email: SCUBAfy@gmail.com
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