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      YES....WE CAN! SCUBAfy Dive Center can fill your tanks with clean, dry and pure compressed air.  All you need to have is your Scuba Certification Card and your tank has to have a current (within the past 5 years) Hydrostatic Test Date stamped into the neck of the tank, and a current (within the past year) Visual inspection Sticker on the tank.  If your tanks are out of date, SCUBAfy can perform these tests for you for a minimal fee. (see SCUBAfy Repair section) PAINTBALL FILLS SCUBAfy can also fill your Paintball Tanks! We offer fills up to 4500psi fills for Nitro Tanks. They need to be in current Hydro. (within 5 years). We can also fill your Scuba Tanks that are for Paintball use, they just need to have a current Hydrostatic Test (within 5 years) and a Visual Inspection Sticker (every year), and must be clearly marked “FOR PAINTBALL USE ONLY” if you do not have a Scuba Certification Card.  We have tank stickers available for purchase to mark the tanks if you need, and we can perform the VIP and Hydro tests for you as well. We offer CO2 fills!
I have my own tanks…Can you fill them for me?