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Shore Dives Boulder Beach - Boulder Beach is the swimming area down near the two marinas at Lake Mead.  It is located to the left of the marinas on the other side of where the Jet skis are.  It is a great calm dive, as it is a very shallow sloping dive on what used to be the parking area.  Since it is in the swimming area, there are no boats to worry about, so it’s a great place to practice and work on your skills if you have not been diving in a while.  If you follow the road into the water, out into the swimming area, then make a square to the left and you will get about 20 feet of water.  There is a bunch of fish out there too! Kingman Wash - It has been great in the wash!  Visibility has been 45’ and it is really not that cold yet.  It is located just over the Dam on the Arizona side.  Just follow the road down to the wash.  (Bumpy, but worth it!) We dive there several times a week and the visibility was great!
LAKE MEAD Due to the lack of rain and snowfall over the past 10 years, the lakes water level had dropped over 149 feet. (Did you notice the “bathtub ring” around it?) Places that people used to dive, boat and fish were then up in the cliffs.  They even had to move an entire marina!  A couple of years ago they had an unprecedented amount of snowfall in the Colorado Rockies, which had enabled them to raise the water level up almost 50’.  Unfortunately, since we were not as lucky, so they had to drop it about 20’.  Lets hope for this year!
We will be adding more sites to this page as we find out about them.  Remember, we are relatively new to the area, so we are learning them along with you. Some of the listings will be based upon our new experiences and some, yours! If you know of any, please let us know at ScubaFy@gmail.com  or on Facebook/Scuba Fy.
Here is a great video from the park service on the Plant.